Computer Vision Lab

Nikolay Falaleev



Welcome! My name is Nikolay Falaleev, and I am a Deep Learning Researcher and Developer Lead specializing in real-time multi-modal multi-task pipelines. In addition, a am a keen self-driving cars enthusiast: robotics and artificial intelligence in general has been my dream since I was young because I believe that these fields will play a key role in virtually every aspect of our future life.

I am sure that classical fundamental education is crucial to be well prepared to meet all the challenges of the modern fast-changing, but fascinating, world. I have successfully completed my master degree at the Department of Material Science at Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia. I selected the program because it is offered at the best university in the country and it provided outstanding fundamental interdisciplinary education in Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Sciences. Additionally, hand-on experience with real experimental data processing to get insights out of noise observations is extremely relevant and helpful in my career.

I believe that I have to be engaged in self-development in my chosen area, that is why I am also taking many massive open online courses in computer science and data analysis including courses on robotics, computer vision, machine learning and software development. One of the most comprehensive one was the Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree by Udacity taught by Sebastian Thrun. My thoughts and ideas on some of the educational projects from the Nanodegree form the initial core of this blog.

From my perspective, another important and very instructive activity for self-education in these modern areas is participating in a variety of Data Science competitions. So, discussions of challenges, as well as useful ideas and tips, which could be used in Computer Vision or Deep Learning projects, posted on the website.

See my resume for details